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My main focus is managing and building a team to consistently deliver a high level of service and excellent product quality that I have built my reputation on over the past twenty years.

I am hands on with projects when needed but allow my project managers the latitude to make decisions on their own.

In 1937, Crown Cork and Seal introduced their own version of a cap sealed cone top called a J-Spout.

Because of manufacturing problems with the J-Spout, the Crown Cork and Seal Company soon gave up on them and introduced a new two-piece cone top can in late 1939.

This new style of can, which was very different from the rest, was hugely popular with small and medium sized breweries and reigned for a 15-year period.

Crowntainer cans were first used by breweries beginning in September 1939, beginning with the C.

In September 1935, the first cap sealed cone type style beer can was introduced by the Continental Can Company for the Schlitz Brewing Company.

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