When is it appropriate to start dating after separation

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Dependent personality disorder is characterized by pervasive passive reliance on other people to make one's major and minor life decisions, great fear of abandonment, feelings of helplessness and incompetence, passive compliance with the wishes of elders and others, and a weak response to the demands of daily life.

Lack of vigour may show itself in the intellectual or emotional spheres; there is often a tendency to transfer responsibility to others.

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Therefore, it's helpful to maintain normal daily routines, particularly regarding sleep and meals, during and after the divorce.

Provide your child with his favorite toys or security items, and spend extra time holding him and offering physical comfort.

All you want to do is to get as far away from this situation as possible and you are ready to sign anything just to get out of the room.

Then the reality of “oh what did I just do” sets in.

They may also tend to regress or show signs of developmental delay.

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