Dating a geeky girl

by  |  14-Nov-2019 11:06

So, in a time where being nerdy is actually trendy, dating options have increased tremendously and in case you’re still not convinced, here are 17 reasons why you should make the nerdy girl your SO (but they might all be taken by the time you finish reading this list)!

Never feel overwhelmed searching for another resource again.

You don’t need to be a super-genius, but show her you have depth and intellectual curiosity.

You’ve seen her in the library with her nose in books like a modern-day, Muggle version of Hermione Granger.

You may not know her name, but she has been categorized in the nerdy column—a name that has started to be taken in stride and with an utter sense of pride.

This is not to say that geek girls don’t know how to dress (see below), but as a general rule, we tend to have more important things on our minds. One of the best things about dating a geek , is the ease with which you can get tech support.

Well, when you date a geek girl, you rarely have to waste your time on informing her that IE7 is not the best browser in the world, or that she might want to restart her computer when “the Internet is not working”.

For your first date, choose a location where you can talk freely.

Dating a geeky girl

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