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Ramada Barstow Hotel is rated 2 stars and provides visitors with a vending machine, a free car park and a designated smoking place.

Ramada Barstow Hotel has been welcoming guests to its non-smoking rooms since 1986.

We are using Sr, Nd, and Pb isotope ratios and major and trace elements to constrain changes in the supply of dust over the last two glacial to interglacial transitions. My Ph D research used U-Pb dating of sedimentary carbonates as a tool for constraining time in the sedimentary rock record. Center panel: Our measured section from the south limb of the syncline in Owl Canyon. Phosphor imaging is a type of digital autoradiography that maps the distribution of U and Th in rocks and minerals. Slab of tufa phytoherm from the Barstow Formation, California.

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The Cady Mountains are an endless source of material, in fact, in 2016 a brand new find of “Baxter Blue” agate was found that rivals blue agate from anywhere in the world.

You can be sure that enough time spent in the loving folds of the Cady mountains will reveal some mind blowing treasures to the lapidarist.

Just a few miles outside of Barstow you hit the Calico Mountains with a vast silver district, an amazing series of borate deposits, celestite for days, tons and tons of fine selenite and ample supplies of petrified palm root just pouring out of the hills…and silver lace onyx and calcite concretions that can have celestite and quartz replaced spiders and flies inside!

That is just the things you can find in a small mountain range just four miles north of highway 15!

I am working on samples of lacustrine calcite and root casts from archaeological sites in East Africa.

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