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When considered in relation to social networked identities, it’s necessary to think about the way personhoods/personas on social media are forced to do the work of getting to “build relationships with others,” a task that was previously done through less hi-tech and more in-person means.We are ourselves, but we are also meta-selves and performances of our own perception of identities online.Com o principal intuito de fortalecer o processo de formação dos condutores, o ‘aulão’ busca enfatizar itens importantes para o candidato que irá realizar o exame prático de direção.

I watched videos of Pangallo’s three personas, Jill, Nancy and Juana/Mackenzie.

Nancy is an awkward and lonely woman either Skyping with or making videos for her mother.

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Oddly, it actually makes more sense that I experience the spoofy online dating videos and weird Skyping with mom moments and multiple social media personas from the comfort of my home, online, in front of a laptop and monitor. It sounds far more mundane in execution than it appeared to me yesterday, online, in a flurry of emailed Vimeo links and oversized JPGs.

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