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For example, if you are leaving your home one day before your cruise ship departs, select the day you leave your home as the Departure Date, not the day the cruise ship departs.For annual multi-trip plans, the Effective Date is the date that your membership coverage will go into effect.If you have dual citizenship, select either of your citizenship countries.

Eight months later, the police arrived at Bobby’s parent’s home and told his parents that they had found the little boy.

…Conjoined twins were at one point in time attractions in circus shows.

This year, we are saying yes to all things black, with more premium original programming and best-in-class tentpoles that reflect and invigorate our viewers,” said Debra Lee, chairman and CEO, BET Networks.

“BET’s global influence is stronger than r and we are continuing to expand beyond the television screen to impact our audience — and the world — across multiple platforms.” Here is BET’s new and returning slate, all in the Viacom cable channel’s own words: Teaching people about anti-black racism, clapping back at micro-aggressions and having to deal with the occasional "It's OK, I have a black friend" comment can get exhausting most times, but worry not.

Jon Platt, 46, was found guilty for going on an “unauthorized trip.”In May 2016, Huff Post UK reports that Platt won his appeal against the fine at a High Court ruling, but the decision was asked to be overturned by the Isle of Wight council.

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