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When this method runs, it searches the local Active Directory forest, each trusted forest, and each additional forest that you configure in the Active Directory Forests node of the Configuration Manager console.Use Active Directory Forest Discovery to: To configure publishing for Active Directory forests for each site in your hierarchy, connect your Configuration Manager console to the top-level site of your hierarchy.-Add @ -Remove @ When you use the -Add, -Remove, -Replace and -Clear parameters together, the operations will be performed in the order: Remove, then Add, then Replace, then clear.

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Filter = "(&(object Class=user)(object Category=person))"; search.

Native Object; Directory Searcher search = new Directory Searcher(entry); search.

Syntax Set-ADUser [-Identity] ADUser ADProperties[...] [-Account Expiration Date Date Time] [-Account Not Delegated bool] [-Add hashtable] [-Allow Reversible Password Encryption bool] [-Auth Type ][-Cannot Change Password bool] [-Certificates hashtable] [-Change Password At Logon bool] [-Clear string[]] [-Credential PSCredential] [-Enabled bool] [-Partition string] [-Password Never Expires bool] [-Password Not Required bool] [-Profile Path string] [-Pass Thru] [-Remove hashtable] [-Replace hashtable] [-Sam Account Name string] [-Script Path string] [-Server string] [-Service Principal Names hashtable] [-Smartcard Logon Required bool] [-Trusted For Delegation bool] [-Confirm] [-What If] [Common Parameters] Set-ADUser -Instance ADUser [-Sam Account Name string] [-Auth Type ] [-Credential PSCredential] [-Partition string] [-Pass Thru] [-Server string] [-Confirm] [-What If] [Common Parameters] Key ADProperties [-City string] [-Company string] [-Country string] [-Department string] [-Description string] [-Display Name string] [-Division string] [-Email Address string] [-Employee ID string] [-Employee Number string] [-Fax string] [-Given Name string] [-Home Directory string] [-Home Drive string] [-Home Page string] [-Home Phone string] [-Initials string] [-Logon Workstations string] [-Manager ADUser] [-Mobile Phone string] [-Office string] [-Office Phone string] [-Organization string] [-Other Name string] [-POBox string] [-Postal Code string] [-State string] [-Street Address string] [-Surname string] [-Title string] [-User Principal Name string] -Account Expiration Date [System. (0=never expires) Use Power Shell Date Time syntax Time is assumed to be local time unless otherwise specified. Sets the Account Not Delegated property for an AD account.

Examples using GMT, UTC and local time: -Account Expiration Date "Mon, GMT" -Account Expiration Date "2011-04-17T.0000000" -Account Expiration Date "04/17/2011 PM" The LDAP Display name (ldap Display Name) for this property is account Expires. When True, the security context of the user is not delegated to a service even when the service account is set as trusted for Kerberos delegation.

Find All()) var user Account Control Value = 0; int. To Boolean(user Account Control Value & 0x0200); if (de.

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