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I mean, you and George were together for so many years.” “Yes, but I’m not dead, and I miss my friends,” Brenda said, her voice rising with the resentment that rose like a thermometer on a hot summer day.

I promised to continue to share glimpses of my latest strong, independent women from Secrets, Lies, and Online Dating and here it is!

This time I’d like to introduce Marianne’s mother, Brenda, the sassiest one of them all. A woman that Liz had often called an old hag had replaced her. “We’ve been friends since grade school,” Brenda said.

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Night three’s host jock Jason is throwing an ‘Under the Sea’ soiree.

Liz released a heavy sigh, rolled her eyes, and faced Brenda for the first time. At dinner parties, it’s always hard to sit a single.

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