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PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS WITHIN!!!! ummm where can i find the link for your next game??

it makes me want to play it all over again, it gives a sad feeling, its unlike any other sim date games, i just looovee your stories and the games you make, welp thats all but i have another question.. thanks :) Amiralo responds: This is the tentative title for my new game.

It should be out in april I am also making the coffinbearer's handbook.

Edit 3/23/2015: fixed a map jumping bug Edit January 10th, 2015.: i fixed some small bugs and grammar errors.

PLEASE PLAY THE GAME ON THIS SIGHT FOR BEST RESOLUTION AND MINIMAL GRAMMAR ERROR! The playing order of this game is locked with cheat codes.

If you pick Harold, you must persuade Kayla to stay with you and play videogames.

Best newgrounds dating sim

Also on board is a data system operator and crew members who deploy sensors into the storm.…
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