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In 2007, reports of an affair between Hulk and Christiane Plante who was Brooke’s friend came out and the resultant scandal was followed by Linda filing for divorce.

Christiane in her defense said that at the time of the affair, Hulk was already estranged from his wife.

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Linda Hogan was born in 24th of August, 1959 in Miami, Florida.

Her birth name was Linda Marie Bollea and was the ex-wife of the popular professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan.

The Hills had just premiered a few months prior, no one hated Chris Brown yet, and Pitbull wasn't wearing suits.

This Sunday, the MTV Video Music Awards brings viewers the best and most outrageous the music industry has to offer.

And Watch Video “Extra’s” Michael Corbett recently took a tour of Linda Hogan’s Southern California home, which is on the market.

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