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They named it The World Community for Christian Meditation because it was not only formed and nurtured by the practice of meditation but existed to share this gift with others.The symbol of the Community - the two birds looking in different directions but resting on the chalice - is a modern version of an ancient way of representing the union of the contemplative and active dimensions of life.This story and many other intriguing facts and observations can be found in the translation. Copyright Sachsische Landesbibliothek Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden (Saxony State and University Library Dresden [SLUB], Germany), Eb.415.e,2, f. They are great for teaching with, as they include a page with the English literary translation and a facing page with a word-by-word translation, transliteration, and Gəˁəz, as well as an Ethiopian priest singing one in the original language: My summer 2016 article on women’s relationships in the text Same-Sex Intimacies in the Early African Text Gädlä Wälättä Peṭros (1672): Queer Reading an Ethiopian Woman Saint is posted on my site.

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The roots of the World Community lie in the desert tradition of early Christianity dating back to the 4th century.

In 1975 John Main, an Irish Benedictine monk (1926-1982), started the first Christian Meditation Centre in London.

Follow the pylons up the track to Llyn Tecwyn Uchaf, then turn right along an ancient sunken way until the church appears on your right.

Alternatively keep on up the steep lane to a small hamlet (Bryn Bwbach) and phone box, turn left to Llyn Tecwyn Isaf, and fork left again up a 'no through road' to the church.

I became interested in this fascinating woman when I came across mentions of the royal Ethiopian women in Samuel Johnson’s translation of a book about Ethiopia.

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