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Founder and CEO Jean Meyer says it's designed to place the emphasis on slow dating rather than the sometimes overwhelming choice of apps such as Tinder, telling : “I was once on a business trip to South Korea when I saw the concept of a dating app which had the ‘one match per day’ idea. “It really resonated with me, and was so refreshing when compared to all the other dating apps out there that focus on numbers rather than quality.It avoids embarrassment and gives the person the attention they deserve.Please also sign up as a member of Ethical Hedonist Social and Dating, it’s free to join here.

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According to the makers of the app, a shortlist of 20 matches from the Once database is selected for each user by an algorithm, then it's left to a fellow human being to choose the best match to send through each day.

The user can accept and initiate a chat or decline and wait for the next day's match.

This is to allow each person the time to discuss what is important to them without the constraints of a bell ringing every 5 minutes.

Other differences between speed dating and slow dating are locations.

Also talk about the best times they slow dating had really great search features.

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