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This difficulty is enhanced by the fact that not all church-going Canadians are suitable date material: in truth, many of those who Rebecca Vandemark (33) is one Christian single who knows first hand the difficulties involved with faith-based dating.

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' maybe you'd only like to date someone who lives within a certain distance parameter (Elite Singles members hail from all over Australia, from the beautiful Sunshine Coast to downtown Melbourne and everywhere in between!

) Whatever your specific partner requirements may be, Elite Singles boosts your chances by providing you match suggestions tailored to your hopes and wishes - it's simply the smarter way to date online.

Unfortunately the odds aren't in your favour; the census of 2011 found that 61% of Australians identify as Christian, but that only 1 in 7 of these actually attended Church on a monthly basis.

When you do the maths, what this really means is that the ‘pool’ of potential partners for christian singles in Australians is just 8% of the population - it's no wonder it's so hard to find a match!

If you, too, would prefer to meet someone who shares your faith, it's perfectly normal if you're finding it difficult to get in touch with new Christian singles.

Christian online dating services com

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