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But there are times you might want a more recent kernel running under the hood. New features and optimizations found in a more recent kernel can make for a much smoother, reliable, secure, and efficient experience.In order to gain the improvements found in a more recent kernel, you can always search for the right repository or even attempt an old-fashion kernel compile. That's right, beyond the standard GUI package manager (such as Ubuntu or GNOME Software), there's a graphical tool that serves the singular purpose of upgrading the Linux kernel.Check the kernel version of your Linux / Ubuntu / Cent OS server by following our tutorial.

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The Linux kernel is an active interface between the hardware and the operating system. After sometime the kernel may become out of date, or you (the user) may require additional functionality that the current kernel cannot provide. is an archive in or tar.bz2 format: (linux-2.4.32bz2 (30.4 MB) or linux-2.4.32gz (37.7 MB) or linux-2.6.14bz2 (38.2 MB) or linux-2.6.14gz (47 MB).

Here you can download complete kernels or kernel patches.

I suggest you to wait until the teams of the distros Ubuntu 16.04 include the Linux-kernel 4.10.x in the repositories or you can follow those two options: OPTION 1: You can download the Debian packages of 4.10.1 Linux-Kernel from Ubuntu trusted sources and install them with the risk of some software that may not work like it should since the programmer did not make it to work on the newest Linux-Kernel yet.

OPTION 2: You can compiling it by yourself for using the latest of the latest version of Linux-Kernel for fun and learning.

Simply run a couple of commands in the command line to install Ukuu and launch the utility.

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