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photo: Christy Bowe- Image Catcher News Service (Photo by Image Catcher News Service/Corbis via Getty Images)May 17, 2014 -- The Obama dogs Sunny, close to camera, and Bo take a walk on the South Lawn of the White House on Saturday, May 17, 2014, in Washington, DC. (Photo by Olivier Douliery/WHITE HOUSE POOL (ISP POOL IMAGES)/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 17: A White House staffer walks Sunny (front) and Bo, the Obama family dogs, on the South Lawn of the White House on May 17, 2014 in Washington, DC.

Bo arrived at the White House April 14, 2009 and Sunny joined the Obama family on August 19, 2013. Kossoff-Pool/Getty Images)WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 4: First Lady Michelle Obama welcomes military families to enjoy the White House holiday decorations on December, 04, 2013 in Washington, DC.

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She wears makeup, including blue eyeshadow, nude lipstick, and light peach-colored blush.

For accessories, she has a dark gold chain necklace with a dark gold sphere charm, and she has white rimmed sunglasses on her head.

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