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For couples who find themselves involved long-term with a second male (boyfriend) who has clearly added significant enjoyment and erotic energy to a marriage through the pleasure and joy he’s brought the couple, the term ‘extramarital’ is quite obsolete as he has become part of the marriage whether you realize it or not.

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After a date and time was set, we met ‘Z’ on an unusually rainy night in the desert.

Arriving ahead of the men, I was lucky to snag a private, dark and cozy spot in the lounge of a popular restaurant complete with a love seat, perfect for ‘Z’ to get a close-up view of my sexy outfit, take in the scent of my perfume and clearly see the ‘key’ I wore as a charm to my necklace.

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After a lengthy text exchange of me explaining to ‘Z’ my desires and sharing the CM website (in particular my profile and posts), reading his well written and enthusiastic responses and finally seeing photos of him, in particular his cock that appeared endowed, I was intrigued. But as important as his cock size, was his enthusiastic grasp of our desires of finding the right partner to round out the relationship of three that we’re seeking, You might wonder why I’m looking when I have a boyfriend.

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