How to stop ie from updating webpages

by  |  06-Oct-2019 01:10

To prevent the Update service from updating Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 8.1, disable the Install new versions automatically option.To prevent Microsoft from updating Internet Explorer 10 to Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7, run the Internet Explorer 11 Blocker Toolkit from Microsoft.Click Close to close the About Internet Explorer dialog.

For this, you have to make changes in the registry.

Go to "start-run" and enter "regedit" and click "ok". Check the dword value for value name "noupdatecheck".

Open the folder that contains the program in File Explorer, hold Shift, right-click on an empty spot and select Open command window here to open a Command Prompt.

It was in the November of 2015 that Microsoft had announced that it would be stopping support for Internet Explorer 10, IE9 and IE8 starting 12th January 2016.

Select “Disable”It is understandable that some websites update frequently, so the auto-refresh function will enable its readers to get the latest content.” and click on the “Network” entry. At the moment, Chrome and Safari do not come with any feature to disable the HTML Meta auto-refresh tag.

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