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Dr Boynton, who has an agony column in More magazine, said: ‘The idea of doing that is you unsettle the woman you are talking to – you reinforce yourself as this alpha-male type who is confident and powerful.‘The downside with that is most women who are confident and assertive will be offended or certainly think it is odd.’And while body language plays a part in romance, most of us have little idea how to read it, or how to alter it convincingly, she said.

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Cannon claims she is paid 10 cents per minute — or $6 per hour — to talk at that rate, but if the average dips below six minutes, her rate allegedly falls to 7 cents per minute, for a total hourly pay of $4.20.

However, Tele Pay charges its callers $5 per minute and brings in as much as $300 per hour from the phone-sex workers’ labor, the suit claims.

Cannon alleges that the company engaged in a “pattern of intentional manipulation and exploitation” to cheat workers out of their earnings, and violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by paying them as little as $4.20 per hour.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Brian Mahany told, per the , that this suit may be the first to allege unpaid wages for sex-talk workers.

In some jurisdictions, telephone companies are required by law to offer such blocking.

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