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As I wrote in an earlier post TBI is unfortunately a growth area, especially in the military.Nearly six out of 10 casualties entering the military hospital at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC have been diagnosed with some degree of traumatic brain injury, an indication of the nature of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Opening up to Charlotte (pictured) over dinner, Ben explained: ‘I was in an accident 12 years ago.

There was nothing unusual about the day I received that phone call. Everyone sees this tall Filipino man and expects a petite wife latched to his arm. Although our appearance seems unique, our love story is what truly sets us apart.

As we three made our journey to Fresno Airport for my departure, the craziest thing happened.

I was sprinting down the tarmac to catch my plane, the captain and a flight attendant waving me to hurry up.

We struggled with our careers, wrestled with money, had good times and bad. He has to wear hearing aids now and cannot hear well enough inside his head to sing or play guitar, yet he can no longer go to clubs to listen to music because the volume is intolerable; the same with movies and sporting events.

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