Symantec endpoint protection client not updating from manager

by  |  15-Dec-2019 14:08

symantec endpoint protection client not updating from manager-63

So I had to uninstall the ungraded version of Fire Fox. Read this answer in context Norton team already added support for Firefox 22 * Please update your Norton product to get latest virus definition along with patch and reboot!

I downloaded it but It is not compatible with Symantec Endpoint Protection, which I have to keep on my computer. That is just a toolbar that symantec installs into Firefox, it does nothing to protect your computer.

Fixlet content in the site is updated frequently to help maintain current virus definition files across your network.

As an alternative, the Anti-Virus Definition Update Task Wizard can be used to deploy arbitrary definition files for supported Anti-Virus applications.

Prerequisites: Win RM must be installed and properly configured on the target server. If not already done so, install Power Shell 2.0 and Win RM on the APM and target servers. On the APM server, open a command prompt as an Administrator.

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