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Khosrow proceeded to declare war, ostensibly to avenge the death of Maurice.

This became a decades-long conflict, the longest war in the series, and was fought throughout the Middle East: in Egypt, the Levant, Mesopotamia, the Caucasus, Anatolia, Armenia, the Aegean Sea and even before the walls of Constantinople itself.

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* In 1942, the price for a maternity room at Christ Hospital in Jersey City, NJ was $7.00 per day.[3] Adjusting for inflation, this amounts to $97.29 in 2011 dollars.[4] In 2011, the price for a maternity room at the same hospital was $1,360 per day.[5] * In 1988, Mutual of Omaha insurance company paid an average of $270 per day for all types of hospital rooms (such as medical/surgical, intensive care, maternity, etc.).

2015 Season Capped off a historical five-win season that included two major victories by winning the TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola to become the Fed Ex Cup champion. 7 in the Fed Ex Cup, with 18 made cuts in 23 starts.

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