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So she stopped, called and ambulance and stayed with him."Sharon and Lexie Love recalled the morning of May 03 2010, the day Yeardley was found dead in her 14th Street apartment.

A police officer broke the news to Sharon just after a.m."When he asked me if I was Yeardley's mother, I realized something horrible had happened and I shut down." Sharon stated.

Share your plans.: Be sure to tell someone you trust where you're going and when to expect you back.

In case something happens, you want them to know that something's up.6.

Women who are choked by their partners are five times more likely to be murdered by the same partner, Couric says. “We really wanted to use what happened to Yeardley as a cautionary tale for other young women and even some young men out there who might be at risk for dating violence which is so prominent in our culture right now,” she says.

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