Cigar dating

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Part of the reason for the failure of cigar maker strikes was the lack of concentration of the industry.Prior to the American Civil War of 1861-1865, cigar makers were typically independent proprietors. The cigar roller or craftsman worked for himself, buying tobacco in small quantities as he needed it, using only his hands and a cutting blade to fabricate finished cigars in the place in which he lived.

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So you stretch the truth so as not to be excluded from that person’s search, hoping you can explain away the little fudge later.

(Altitude) Above Ground Level, where all aircraft must fly. Distinguished from MSL, (above) Mean Sea Level, which is what an altimeter measures, and can indeed be negative. In 1980, a friend of mine set one of aviation's lesser known world records: Low-Altitude Endurance, flying at -200 feet MSL ( 50 feet AGL) for over five hours, in Death Valley (now her husband plans to set the high-altitude submarine record with a one-man submersible in Peru's Lake Titicaca).

Elaine and Kramer are on the subway when Kramer stops to get a gyro, but when his arm gets stuck in the door, a patron steals it.

Jerry is interested in a Native American woman named Winona (Kimberly Norris), but she is offended when Jerry, unaware of her ethnicity, presents Elaine with a cigar store Indian as a peace offering.

For instance, when I was on the dating scene I just assumed that “39” meant early- to mid-40s.

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