Who dwayne wade dating

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With all of the success Dwyane has with his career, how has he faired with his personal dating portion?Let’s see who was a Dwyane Wade girlfriend and who was a Dwyane Wade wife. Wade actually popped the question right before he and Union took off to join the rest of the Miami Heat family for a team Christmas party.

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2008 - 2008Star Jones was rumored to have gotten hot and heavy with basketball player Dwyane Wade in 2008, when she was still married to her husband Al Reynolds.

She and Reynolds divorced shortly after the gossip began.

He is a well-known and very popular player and led the league in sales of his jersey beginning with the 2005 playoffs until midway through the 2006-2007 basketball season.

He graduated from high school and went to college from 2000 until 2003. He was the fifth pick overall and the Miami Heat selected him.

Siohvaugh Funches was Dwyane’s sweetheart from high school.

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