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Amplifiers Dr Z Carmen Ghia From nospa–(at)–au Sun Feb 1 CST 1998 Article: 83382 of alt.From: nospa–(at)–au (Mic Cullen) Newsgroups:,alt.Subject: Dr.

I’ve also used an old Yamaha with Texas Specials in it, a Carvin DC-400 and a Charvel ST Custom with Lace Sensors in it. That’s the closest that I’ve really got to using a strat through it.

From Doc: Here's a little bit of info for you guys. I used the letter A to signify 1990, so A - XXXX would be an amp built in 1990.

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Overview It’s important to note a few things here at the start.

Dating dr z amp

This will also be a healthy sign to him or her that you care.…
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