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According to other recent studies, 2 percent of sex abuse offenders were Catholic priests”a phenomenon that spiked between the mid-1960s and the mid-1980s but seems to have virtually disappeared ( credible cases of clerical sexual abuse in 2009 were reported in the U. bishops’ annual audit, in a Church of some 65,000,000 members).

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There was an increase in unwanted sex through nonviolent means (lies, threats to end the relationship) over the two-year period for women who held sex role stereotyped beliefs and a decrease in nonviolent unwanted sex for women who endorsed rape myths.

Otherwise, these college women's atiitudes and individual characteristics were generally not predictive of their risk for most sexual victimization.

Two-year panel data on a random sample of 54 college women were used to assess the link between rape supportive attitudes, prior experiences with sexual coercion, and vulnerability to sexual coercion while in college.

Analysis showed that (1) rape supportive attitudes had no effect on vulnerability to physical coercion, rape, or alcohol/drug-related nonconsensual sex, (2) rape supportive attitudes were not changed by experiences with coercion, and (3) prior sexual coerction did not predict vulnerability over a two-year period.

It's worth a look regardless of your level of Cumberbatch fanaticism.

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