msn speed dating - Radajaxmanager not updating radgrid

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This is where the fun ended for me temporarily - in the Q2 2013 (2013.2.717.45) release, the h6 tag for the Title was empty: I immediately pulled open the Internet Explorer 11 Developer Tool Inspector and found this curious: Not enjoying hacking Control Suites, but needed to implement a fix ASAP so I could continue development, I simply put this CSS Override in my Web Form's CSS Theme File: [css] .

For customizing the content of cells across all items you need to handle the server-side On Item Data Bound event and the client-side On Row Data Bound event.

Best Regards, Konstantin Dikov Telerik by Progress Thank you for the response.

I implemented a Rad Grid which contained two levels of information within a user control that is being rendered in Share Point (MOSS 2007).

I therefore used coding and markup as explained on the Telerik demo site here.

By default it presents a nice loading animation similiar to what I have seen in Silverlight. NET Framework environment, the Rad Ajax Loading Panel worked like a charm.

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