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Thanks Sorry if I wasnt clear but that wasnt the answer I was looking for. My when I bind the Data Table to the combobox, and if the index is changed, How do I get the Data Row back without using any other global temporary datatable variable to refer the position. Attributes in the Selected Index Changed() event, but I really would like to have access to the complete . Regards, Arnstein Note the way Rad Combo Box Item is retrieved. Another important issue is that the Selected Index Changed event does not fire unless the Auto Post Back property is True - more about this topic find in this article. When I select an item from the combobox, I get the Selected Item but how do I get the object as a data Row? I know you can do this with Rad Grid but if there is a way to do the same with radcombobox let me know. Attributes to each item in the Item Data Bound() event and read those .Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?

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Sqldatasource updating event args

This adage rings especially true when it comes to reporting. For most chart types, the two key attributes of a data point are its X and Y value.

Charts summarize and illuminate patterns in data in a way that long tables of numbers simply cannot. For example, in a line chart the X value indicates the position of the data point along the X axis, while the Y value represents the position of the data point along the Y axis.

The HTML mark-up above consists of a Grid View and Repeater data representation controls.

The Grid View is where we display the list of customer information from the database. Keep in mind that in this example I used as my database that you can download that from here and I used Entity Framework so that I can work on the conceptual model.

This article examines how to build drill down reports.

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