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And that excludes his beeline of suitors – men and women alike – of all personalities.From one night stands to borderline-serious relationships, he has conquered continents far and wide.My purpose of telling you this is so you won’t miss out on a great experience just because you think that Singapore girls dating is too much work.

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Asian adult chat sites - Dating chinese girl in singapore

Well, yes, but also having to open their eyes to the possibility of romance with expat men that under any normal circumstances they wouldn’t go near.

Quite why I once agreed to a second date with a guy from Sweden who wore white socks that came up to his mid-calves and who rattled on endlessly about his Chinese ex-girlfriend, I can’t be sure.

That’s not his actual name (nor photo) of course, for fear of getting NTUC Fairprice eggs thrown at him.

Today, this 26-year-old chick magnet has been with approximately 15 girls.

Lots of guys have a “fetish” where they like Asian girls.

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