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However, if you are only casually looking for someone to date that may go long term, then a free dating site might be best for you to start with. Can you access other member profiles and communicate without having to pay a fee? Then head off to a site where only Christians register and mingle on their pages.

Choose a website or two that allows you to connect with a possible date without having to spend a lot of money first. Chances are, when you sign up on a site that is your interest, then you will automatically find someone who has at least a few similar interests.

For that reason, my ultimate answer to your question is that you need to seek the Lord’s advice on a (1) daily and (2) case-to-case basis.

It’s important to set aside time every day to pray, to talk and listen to God.

It’s not the worst idea in the world to wait until things are official before introducing your guy to your girls. It’s an unfortunate reality of friendship, but sometimes your friends get jealous of you, and the #1 thing to be jealous about is your love life. Your relationship is supposed to be about you and your boyfriend, and your friends shouldn’t be all that involved.

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