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by  |  11-Nov-2019 00:06

Live adult cam ipad-52

Here are the steps of what I recall happening before my browser was taken over and rendered useless with this screen telling me to call support to remove the spyware/adware (see attached).

I was googling some information for a dog kennel and landed on a random website (unfortunately I do not remember the site's name.) I clicked a link on the page and all of sudden this message popped up on my screen.

This leads to a problem, which (in my opinion) is caused by the following: Back in the Ni Cd days of batteries, which were used in everything rom laptops telephone and power tools, batteries had to be charged fully, then drained fully before the next charging to give the batteries a long life.

If you did not do this, they suffered from what was called a "memory effect" where crystals would grow on the anode and result in a diminished capacity of the batteries.

The li-ion batteries of today do away with this memory effect.

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