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Among the collaborative computing functions now expected of advanced E-mail systems, document management is considered by groupware users to be exceeded in importance only by E-mail ("Groupware Buying Dynamics," IDC, 1996).

Although desktop applications are the best tools for creating and editing documents, they are not the best tools for sharing and publishing dynamic documents.

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Patches are available from the Novell download site Fixes that are included in each patch can be found in the download readme.

Use the following steps when dealing with software distribution directories (SDDs): Beginning with Group Wise 6, most Support Packs are complete installation sets for Group Wise, and no longer require that you "apply" the patch to an existing SDD.

Support options are typically obtained from Novell Support representatives when you need assistance resolving specific database problems.

[…] Make sure that you clearly understand what the Support options do before you use them.

This ensures that only the latest Group Wise Administrator Console One snap-ins are used.

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