girl meets girl dating survival guide - Ghost vista image updating hardware drivers

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Select the image file you wish to update under the Wim File heading and the folder you created under the Mount Location Heading. You should recieve a success message in the DISM Output pane.

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I've just installed a new Windows software but I don't have any of the drivers needed for computer hardware, I've got all the files from old Windows drive and I'm asking if I can set the new installed Windows to use drivers installed in the old one? I didn't want to install all the extra software with the drivers, so I found that if you look at the "Driver Details" you will see a name. You need the file as well which of course isn't stored there.

I've already tried copying everything in drivers folder but Windows still can't recognize the drivers. So if you go to C:\Windows\System32\Driver Store\File Repository that is where all the needed information is stored.

One of the greatest advantages to using Microsoft for Imaging is the ability to perform offline image patching and keep images up to date rather than rebuilding your base image every time a major update or service pack is released.

Create a folder for use as a mount point and then launch GUI DISM.

This is done by Sysprep before the image is taken, so that the image is generic.

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