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Written by: Edward Snow Tags: Caltech, Eris, International Astronomical Union, Jacob Mc Comas, Konstantin Batygin, Kuiper Belt, Mike Brown, National Academy of Science, Planet Nine, Planet X, Pluto, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Trans Neptunian Objects Posted date: May 23, 2016 | No comment It’s still too early to start thinking about a proper name for this strange new theoretical world, but scientists from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) insist they have solid evidence for a giant, Neptune-size planet orbiting the sun in a bizarre and highly elongated orbit about 10 times farther from the sun than Pluto.Speculation about a large Planet X roaming the outer solar system has surfaced before, only this time was different.In perhaps the most forceful rebuke of the United States thus far, French president Emmanuel Macron addressed the world in English Thursday, urging American scientists to come to France where their talents can better serve humanity.

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It's much more complicated, say the authors of this highly readable analysis of global obesity.

Fast food giants may be partly culpable, but so are farmers, consumers, supermarkets, town planners and the media.

Governments are also at fault: subsidies on grain and livestock products, for instance, have created enormous overproduction in the developed world.

That glut must go somewhere, so boosting public consumption of cheap foods is a must for our agro-industrial food system.

In his Friday column, Krugman debunks the president's claim that the Agreement is a hindrance to the U. The transition would take time and likely require the construction of a massive power grid to transport electricity across the country, as well as dynamic pricing to incentivize customers to consume less energy, he argues, but its effect on our day-to-day existence would be virtually nil.

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