dating ideas for married couples - Daesung ye eun dating

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You cried so much at MKMF~ You couldn't even say a thank you message because you were crying. But I like it with longer bangs like now as opposed to it being shorter and more spiked during their debut =) joyeesohh im malaysian living in aust.

Big Bang Dae Sung reveals an episode regarding idol girlgroup members.

On SBS Strong Heart to be aired on 12th January, Dae Sung reveals the ’special relationship’ with one of the girlgroup members attracting much interests.

hehe I don’t really know what to call him so I think I’ll stick with ahjusshi.

Sean Ahjusshi and Daesung Oppa and someone that looked like a manager came to see me.

They told me that the reason Sean ahjusshi and Daesung oppa were able to come and see me was because fans saw the post my father wrote and spread it around the internet.

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