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Schoolboys have turned up for class dressed in skirts in protest over a no-shorts uniform policy, despite the heatwave.

Students at ISCA College in Exeter formed a mass protest over the 'inflexible' uniform policy which insists boys wear long trousers even throughout summer.

I am just finishing chemo, so I've gained weight, lost my hair and am not always so confident anymore about the way I look.

I have a 29" waist and 40" hips, fits a little big, i may order a small and see how it fits. Originally I purchased it in a medium, and found it just a little large. So I tried again in the blackids cherries pattern in a small, and ithe is perfect. Only downside is that throughout the day, i am constantly up and down from my desk, and the skirt did get decently wrinkled. This is a beautiful skirt it has details on it that you can't tell from the picture in the ad the packaging was perfect actually the interior packaging was very nice it's good quality material and it's well-made I wear a size extra large and it's a little snug around my hips but that may be because of my body shape I'm pear shaped.

After wearing this skirt it has some give to it, it was actually very comfortable.

Yesterday, five boys led the way by wearing skirts on the hottest day of the year.

Today, more than 50 decided to do the same, with some borrowing skirts off girls near the school to join the demonstration.

They added that some of the older boys brought pink razors from a local shop and shaved their legs on the way to school.

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