Zune play count not updating

by  |  01-Jan-2020 06:43

Sometimes play counts aren't able to be recorded properly or synced back to i Tunes. Open up the XML file using FX File Explorer as a text file Within the XML, there should be a play count that is created here for the song that was listened to. See the image below for what a single play count should look like.

Explore the "syncr" folder on your internal storage using FX File Explorer. Once you've done this try again to create a play count and sync. colons, slashes) within songs/artists/albums - remove from i Tunes song titles if you'd like to update the files. When syncing over Wi Fi with i Tunes smart playlists, we need to set the "i Tunes Update Time" so i Syncr is able to update play counts before identifying playlists. Other applications that interact with i Tunes have been reported and confirmed to interfere with i Syncr's play count operation.

Contact support if this continues to occur after resetting the IDs. Go to i Syncr's: Settings - Wi Fi Sync - i Tunes Update Time - 200 3. Go to i Syncr's: Settings - Play counts - Lock to Rocket Player. Battery Savers, Task Killers (including Clean Master or HTC Boost) will limit i Syncr from creating the i file, especially on Samsung devices. Specifically, Plex Media Server will cause this behavior if we have the "Enable i Tunes channel" option enabled. Huawei devices will enable a battery saving mode automatically on some devices.

This does not seem to be limited to my login or one particular song or artist.

I had a friend run the same experiment I did with the same results.

I repeated the process, and again the counter only advanced by 13 (sounds fishy doesn't it).

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