Aboriginal dating

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there is the potential of marriage between certain categories of persons which is further refined by reference to actual kin, country, ritual and historical relations.

Such a union is hedged in by certain taboos, including in-law avoidance.

The couple should be eligible to marry according to local rules defining ‘ideal preferences and accepted authorities’.2.

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Perhaps what is most interesting about their figurative art painted on rocks and in caves is the way in which they have represented the Wandjinas - white faces, devoid of a mouth, large black eyes, and a head surrounded by a halo or some type of helmet.

The ancient paintings have received all manner of interpretations from stylized representations of people or even owls, to ancient astronaut theories which suggest that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth tens of thousands of years ago and had direct contact with the inhabitants.

The site has been re-dated using TL and the results suggest the site is actually no older than about 10,000 years.

It has been suggested that the first arrivals were coastal people, basing their economies on the sea and river mouths, originally spreading around the coast then up the rivers.

Most of these records will have subject or locality based titles; i.e.

Aboriginal dating

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