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So, at least in online dating, is race relations just a numbers game?

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] tweet of mine that got the most traction: Then there were the actual white supremacists — the vast majority of them passionate Trump supporters, according to their Twitter profiles — calling me slurs, referring to my kids in hateful language, saying “that’s what you get for race-mixing,” etc. piece for the Toast, we deleted several comments along the lines of “You married into it” (never mind that the racist remark at that dinner party was not made by one of my in-laws) and lectures about how terrible Asian women are for dating/marrying out.

On my , one of the first comments approved was about how “the very author of this piece, Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwan all have white husbands.” (As thrilling as it is to be included in any triumvirate that includes Kristi and Michelle, my marriage to a white-presenting person has It’s weird, because I had a tweet that went pretty far, and I only got some mild, half-hearted trolling. I almost never have harassers that actually make it to my Twitter account, though I do know my I’m not surprised about the white supremacist response you’ve gotten.

We're all aware of racial stereotyping and how it can unfortunately hinder our dating opportunities. And what they eventually found was that if all races were equally represented in the population, asians would be the most desired race.

But what if we didn't live in a predominantly white society? Presently, white users receive the most messages, averaging about 12 a month and almost 90% of white users message other white users.

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