Transmen dating straight women

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Like all couples they've had their ups and downs, but being in a trans relationship brings its own unique complications...

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Being transgender is still something that’s quite a shock to most people and it challenges their own identities and sexualities. Have confidence that her answer, ultimately, doesn’t matter.

One powerful alternative to mainstream dating sites for transgender women and heterosexual men looking to meet is

Whether that’s been in my previous incarnation as a lesbian or my current one as a trans guy, the fact is, it’s simply better that I don’t realise when I want to hit on someone.

Flirting, it seems, only comes naturally to me when I don’t actually think that I might like to take things a little further with the person in front of me.

From private messaging to group chats to membership searches t an an online virtual cocktail bar, TAT is an accessible, safe trans dating space that’s welcoming for trans women and their suitors.

Transmen dating straight women

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