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Clearing all required dungeons (indicated by their crimson banners) will advance the story to the next waypoint.

Towns and dungeons that are already cleared, may be freely explored (as indicated by green banners) or replayed if desired.

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In free exploration mode, the player can traverse a given area for treasure and other items, but will also encounter random monsters.

Entrances and exit points are marked on each area map: yellow for individual rooms and stairs, green for the entrance, and red for the exit.

On May 16, 2016, Square Enix launched a massive registration drive for the global game, offering in-game rewards to players who participated.

With over 10 million Crystal Points earned during the campaign, the first five rewards tiers and one bonus rewards tier were available to all players until July 17, 2016.

The world map is presented as a series of fixed contact points, with a fixed set of dungeons (battles) located in each area.

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