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In “First Date,” opening next week, Levi plays Aaron — as awkwardly earnest as Chuck, but as bearded and bespectacled as a yeshiva boy, to boot. ” Backstage at the Longacre Theatre — backpack by his side, his 6-foot-4 frame ending in black Converse sneakers — the 32-year-old set the record straight, his conversation peppered with the words “journey,” “amazing” and “blessed.” He was born Zachary Levi Pugh — that Welsh surname’s pronounced “pewww!

“But if people want to lump me in with God’s chosen, I’ll take it!

Mandy and Zachary were in attendance to discuss Disney Channel’s , where 10 of the women who have voiced Disney princesses over the years gathered together.

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Most animated shows, trying to get people's schedules together is very difficult."Levi continued, "So we only really recorded one session, but we recorded the music together," adding that the duo really bonded during the "She's such an awesome, lovely individual and we've remained friends over the years," Levi remarked.

This particular onscreen duo won't be crossing any boundaries.

The one-liners are as clunky as they've ever been.

Woody shot this film, edited it, and then decided he had to shoot it again with a different cast. Taking place in one summer house with a interconnected web of people who all have attractions to each other, it aims to be an unaffected character study, but comes across as narcissistic.

Those who loved the sweetly nerdy lead of TV’s “Chuck” will be happy to find its star, Zachary Levi, on Broadway, doing what he does best: singing, dancing . His agent suggested the young actor might just want to change his name. “I’d made a rule that I wouldn’t change or bend for Hollywood,” says the actor, who grew up in Southern California, in the shadow of Disneyland.

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