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Nonetheless, Rajasthnis are living in Rajasthan since time immemorial.

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They were successors to the Indo-Scythians who invaded the area of Ujjain and established the Saka era (with Saka calendar), marking the beginning of the long-lived Saka Western Satraps kingdom.

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Its glyphs are descended from the Indian Brahmi numerals.

The full system emerged by the 8th to 9th centuries, and is first described in Al-Khwarizmi's On the Calculation with Hindu Numerals (ca. The Brahmi numerals have been found in inscriptions in caves and on coins in regions near Pune, Mumbai, and Uttar Pradesh.

With time their social structures got stronger reorganizations giving birth to several martial sub ethnic groups (previously called as Martial race but now obsolete term).

Rajasthanis emerged as major merchants during medieval India.

They continued to be used in inscriptions until the end of the 9th century.

Dating arbuda arab so

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