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Several changes have been made to the Xperia Z4 Tablet. Add them up though and the result is a tablet so refined that it proves to be a contender for the throne.Noticeable strides forward have been made with the tablet’s design.Make the appropriate selection in the switcher (Add or Subtract) based on if the date is in the past or the future.

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In contrast, the rest have had to become more aggressively priced to make their mark, with Amazon even releasing a more-than-decent entry-level option for just £50.

There is no longer a mid-range tablet category, it seems, and Nvidia acknowledges this with a refreshed, refined version of the device that wowed us so much last year: the Nvidia Tablet K1.

So do the compromises make a significant difference to the tablet's attractiveness? And while that's not as impressive as some chipsets around these days, it still licks through apps and functions like a hot knife through butter.

The K1 is faster and more adept than most tablets in the Shield's new price range, even considering its relative old age in a rapidly evolving sector, but perhaps more importantly, the new Tablet K1 has something others can't match: Nvidia's own Tegra K1 192-core Kepler graphics processing unit (GPU).

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