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Claims are, almost by definition, controversial, in the sense that not everyone agrees with them. Evidence comes in many types, which I discuss in detail here.At its most basic, evidence is something that can be A great deal of scientific evidence is observable phenomena, like the change in color when two chemicals are mixed in an experiment, or the light emitted by a distant star, or the structure of bones in a fossil.

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The evidence consists of a set of webpages, textual excerpts from those pages and meta-information on the pages.

The text excerpts and the associated meta information allow the user to quickly get an overview over possible credible sources for the input statement: Instead of having to use search engines, browsing several webpages and looking for relevant pieces of information, the user can more efficiently review the presented information.

Gaslighting is a great demonstration of invalidation. This is the gaslighting part of what I was unintentionally doing to my wife.

Here's a list gleaned from, a site about emotional intelligence, of things people say — some intentional, some unintentional — to invalidate a spouse: • "You're so sensitive." • "That's ridiculous. Validation is modeled in marriage when we safely allow our spouse to share his or her thoughts and feelings.

De Facto (Deep Fact Validation) is an algorithm for validating statements by finding confirming sources for it on the web.

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