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The Corporation and its Members are individually and collectively committed to open competition in the development of products, technology and services, and the Members are not restricted in any way from designing, developing, marketing and/or procuring hardware, software, systems, technology, or services.

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Mission Statement Our mission is to serve as a world class yacht club enhancing sportsmanship, racing excellence, ocean conservation and our rich maritime heritage as leaders in the premier international yachting community.

Dana Point Yacht Club, a private club established in 1952, has a fantastic facility overlooking the Point and a magnificent view of the harbor and open ocean to Catalina Island.

The intent of this Corporation is to support the rapid advancement of end-end network systems employing Broadband technologies in a manner that promotes a competitive marketplace.

The Corporation’s activities will include: promoting global development of Broadband systems technology; identifying global Broadband applications and corresponding services; providing global educational services; promoting worldwide compatibility and interoperability; encouraging input to appropriate national and international standards bodies; and identifying, selecting, augmenting as appropriate, developing, and publishing Broadband centric equipment specifications mostly drawn from appropriate national and international standards.

Whether you are interested in racing, cruising, fishing, or junior sailing, we welcome you.

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