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Eugenio Derbez, an actor, writer, director and producer who is one of Mexico’s best-known stars, solved the puzzle in 2013 with his hit film “Instructions Not Included.” Though he’s a star in his native country, Derbez was a virtual unknown Stateside when “Instructions” became a surprise box office success, pulling in close to 0 million worldwide on a million budget.

It took him 12 years to raise the financing to make the film, and now he has the last laugh.

The 52-year-old just inked a deal with Lionsgate/Grupo Televisa’s Pantelion Films, the same banner behind “Instructions,” via his freshly launched 3Pas Studios. Today, via that activism, she’s secured a place among the most influential Latinos in America.

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On “Modern Family,” Sofia Vergara plays what could have been a one-dimensional stereotype with a distinct wink to the audience.

Her approach to comedy is simple, yet genius: “Somebody can be hot and also be funny, and make fun of herself and enjoy her work and make money.” $37 million a year, to be exact, according to Forbes.

Adler began her acting career at the age of four in the play Broken Hearts at the Grand Street Theatre on the Lower East Side, as a part of her parents' Independent Yiddish Art Company.

She grew up acting alongside her parents, often playing roles of boys and girls.

In sum: sex, drugs, violence, hot lights, assaultive camera angles, and a beat you can dance to. Hard to say, but based on the director's track record, there's reason to think it probably won't be boring. But he really can't seem to get into his heroine's head, so the scenes of her unhappy life during wartime play as over-the-top melodrama, while the scenes showing her alienation from the vulgar consumerist society of America are just shrill.

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