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One fix, while useful (and successful in a few instances), didn’t work 100%. Add the following entry to every client registry: 32Bit Clients: Location – [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware Policies Microsoft Communicator] New DWORD Value – “Gal Download Initial Delay” Value Data = 00000000 64bit Clients: Location – [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware Wow6432Node Policies Microsoft Communicator] New DWORD value – “Gal Download Initial Delay” Value Data = 00000000 Why? As I said last time, deleting Gal and Gal idx makes Lync 2010 re-download them from the server.

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Whilst looking for solutions to this issue, most of my googling has turned up issues with certificates as the root cause, but I'm nigh on positive this isn't the problem here.

I'm able to surf to the URL being sent from the OCS server to Communicator as the Address book URL, and I get no issues reported by Internet Explorer at all.

The GAL client copy is stored by default in: \Documents and Settings\UID\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Communicator You can force a refresh by exiting Communicator, deleting that file, then restarting Communicator.

This should be logged in the client computer's Application event log. When I run -validatedb I get the following error at the end: Exception occurred while validating database.

The overall process is basically the same as what Office Communications Server does, but with added flexibility of easily customizing some of the timing of the different events.

Communicator contacts not updating

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