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Alexandria, VA - In a special report released today, the Media Research Center (MRC) reveals the vile and vicious members of left-wing talk radio and their record of hatemongering.While the media continue to ignore these accounts, they contrastingly continue to accuse and attack conservatives.

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Look in the mirror."The talk show’s namesake star also quoted Trump’s new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, tweeting, “He doesn’t hurl personal insults and he regrets causing personal pain based on things that he has said.” The billionaire businessman used to have a friendly relationship with Morning Joe and regularly called into the show during the GOP primary, but the cohosts have became increasingly critical of Trump.

Earlier this month, Scarborough told the Republican party to dump Trump as its candidate.

Ms Brzezinski, who said she is alarmed at how the president deals with women who disagree with him, added that she believes her teasing about a Washington Post story about fake Time magazine covers with Mr Trump's face hanging at his golf facilities is what precipitated the latest Twitter attack.

They said Mr Trump was lying about Ms Brzezinski having a face-lift, although "she did have a little skin under her chin tweaked".

The Real Radio Hatemongers reveals research dating back as far as 2007 of slander against conservatives on liberal talk radio that has gone largely unchecked and even ignored by the media.

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