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This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” ― John Adams, “Daughter!

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The fireworks are over, everyone is back at work, and the patriotic feeling has subsided.

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First it sounds like a pray and the anthem was called so - "A pray of russian nation".

Second the tune is simple and easy-remembering, but everybody likes this.

Yesterday (Independence Day), Americans were engrossed in patriotism (and, of course, fireworks, barbecues, and beer).

As I logged onto Facebook last night, to look over my friends’ post about how they “are proud to be an American” and how “spending time with family and shooting off fireworks was awesome,” I was saddened that there was little mention of American history–no thanks to Founding Fathers, no mention of freedoms from tyranny and oppression, and certainly no remembrance of those whom sacrificed it all for said freedoms.

The men and women that became martyrs are those that made America’s independence possible.

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